The Atlantic Pain Clinic has been providing comprehensive interdisciplinary pain management services to patients from across Canada for over 15 years.

By delivering evidence-based and outcome-oriented assessment and treatment services, The Atlantic Pain Clinic strives to reduce the personal, occupational and functional burden of chronic pain.

Our team of health care professionals is here to help!

Multidisciplinary Active Functional Restoration Program (MAFRP)

treatment for workers with chronic painThis program provides comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment to injured workers or individuals presenting with chronic pain.
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Psychological Services

Psychological assessment of persistent painIndividual assessment and group sessions are available. Achieving quality of life at home and at work despite persistent pain involves overcoming biological, psychological and social challenges.
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Medical Services

non-invasive pain management techniquesServices include medical assessment and file review, invasive and non-invasive pain management techniques and pharmacological management.
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Kinesiology Services

rehab programs for injured workers at our moncton pain clinicOur kinesiologists offer physical fitness and mobility assessments and individually tailored programs of one-on-one supervised Functional restoration Exercise.
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Our Facility

Moncton pain clinic and rehab centreOur large, modern facility is well equipped to help individuals make improvements in their strength and mobility despite ongoing pain.
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