The Atlantic Pain Clinic has been providing comprehensive interdisciplinary pain management services to patients from across Canada for over 15 years.

By delivering evidence-based and outcome-oriented assessment and treatment services, The Atlantic Pain Clinic strives to reduce the personal, occupational and functional burden of chronic pain.

Our team of health care professionals is here to help!

rehabilitation program for individuals with chronic pain

Multidisciplinary Active Functional Restoration Program (MAFRP)

The goal of this program is to assist with return to gainful employment and enhanced quality of life.

Delivered in partnership with Occupational Concepts, the Atlantic Pain Clinic offers a full service rehabilitation program for individuals with chronic pain. This program provides comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment to injured workers or individuals presenting with chronic pain. The goal of this program is to assist with return to gainful employment and enhanced quality of life.

The MAFRP is evidence-based and adheres to the most recent published standards and guidelines pertaining to the clinical care and rehabilitation of individuals suffering with chronic pain.

Consistent with these guidelines, the MAFRP program is active in orientation, comprehensive and timely with reporting, and is outcome-based. This program is delivered by a coordinated team that includes the following disciplines: Medicine, Psychology, Kinesiology, Occupational Therapy and Pharmacy. Members of the MAFRP treatment team meet weekly to review the client progress.

Psychological Services to help chronic pain

Psychological Services

Sustained return to work involves overcoming biological, psychological and social challenges.

Dr. French uses a combination of clinical interview and psychological testing to identify and report on psychological barriers that may be preventing claimants from progressing in treatment and getting back “on track”. Dr. French will work closely with Family Physicians, Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Specialists and Employers to maximise the likelihood of success.

Diagnostic services to assist in the adjudication of mental health- related disability claims are also available. Psychometric assessment includes measures of mood, personality and validity indicators which are combined with close clinical file review and clinical interview to arrive at a DSM-V diagnostic formulation, treatment recommendations and an informed opinion on causality.

Medical services to help with chronic pain management

Medical Services

Comprehensive file review and medical assessment
Invasive and non-invasive pain management techniques
Pharmacological management

Individuals referred to the Atlantic Pain clinic will benefit from comprehensive medical chart review, patient history and physical exam.

If indicated, further diagnostic testing and/or radiologic investigations will be undertaken to arrive at a biopsychosocial diagnostic formulation which is explained to patients often while viewing their radiology in the medical office.

We will take the time to listen and to ensure clients understand their physical findings and the prescribed treatment. Systematic trials of pain medications will be undertaken with a goal of quickly identifying effective medications or to wean ineffective medications.

Reassuring patients that it is safe to move, clarifying diagnostic confusion and undoing extensive medicalization is a key component of medical care. Invasive pain management techniques such as diagnostic or therapeutic blocks are available.

Kinesiology Assessment and Functional Restoration Exercise and Rehab Program

Kinesiology Services

Assessment and individually tailored,
one-on-one, supervised
Functional Restoration Exercise Program

Our team of kinesiologists offer comprehensive fitness assessments using well-established and standardised exercise testing methods.

Based on these results, the kinesiologist will develop an individually tailored function based exercise program designed to help patient’s meet their personal fitness, leisure and occupational goals.

All exercise is delivered under one-on-one supervision by a fully certified kinesiologist with expertise in the rehabilitation of individuals with persistent pain.